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Benefits Of Membership in

The Greater Danbury Bar Association

Private Parking at The Danbury Superior Courthouse

Most GDBA Members would admit that their favorite membership benefit is access to the private restricted access parking lot across from the Danbury Superior Court, on White Street in Danbury.  The GDBA parking pass program allows GDBA members who are current with their dues, including newly joined members, to purchase a parking pass at the current price of $75, for use through the current annual term ending August 31, 2022. This pass enables the member to have access to the private lot, from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday year round.  Please note that the parking pass is not transferable and is personal to the permit holder. Contact us Today for More Information about the Exclusive GDBA Parking Pass!

 Access to Experienced Members of Our Legal Community

The GDBA is an active organization with many annual events which inform members of important issues and updates, effecting the legal community. Such regular events include: 1) the regular membership meetings which are generally held year-round on a monthly basis, often featuring updates on relevant issues to the local bar, (2) Law Day festivities in April or May of each year, which feature a Courthouse presentation and luncheon with a distinguished speaker, (3) the Annual State of the Courthouse dinner with Judges from the Danbury Superior Court and Geographical Area 3, (4) Annual Judge’s Welcoming Reception, typically held in the fall to greet the new members of the local Judiciary, and (5) other various GDBA social outings, including the annual GDBA holiday party and summer golf tournament.

Year Round Educational Seminars & Networking Events

In addition to the unrestricted networking opportunities afforded simply by having access to other experienced GDBA members, the GDBA also regularly conducts ongoing legal education seminars, at which we welcome speakers on a broad range of issues of particular importance to the local bar.  For example, the GDBA recently hosted speakers on digital computer forensics and e-discovery, the revised probate rules of procedure. and important bankruptcy basics for non-bankruptcy lawyers. The GDBA also welcomes suggestions from its members for additional topics they wish to hear presentations on, and encourages its own members who specialize in areas of the law to conduct presentations in which they share their expertise with the entire membership community. If you would like to present on an area of your expertise, please contact us today!

We Have Something to Offer All Members of the Legal Community

The GDBA currently has over 175 members and continues to grow and thrive as an active professional organization in the community.  Whether you are newly practicing in this area and looking to meet other members of the Danbury legal community, or an established practitioner looking to expand your professional network and referral opportunities, the Greater Danbury Bar Association has something to offer you.

For more information about joining the GDBA, please contact us using our Contact Form located on the main page, or at the phone number listed below.  

We hope to see you at our next meeting!